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Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a home, it is always a good idea to get a home inspection first. One of the largest investments that many people make is buying a home. Protect your investment by getting an inspection from a licensed and insured home inspector. We proudly serve the residents of central Arkansas, including Pulaski, Saline, Garland, Lonoke, Grant, and Faulkner counties. After an inspection by our licensed professional, you will walk away with peace of mind. 


Our Services

At 1st Selection you come 1st.

Our lead Home Inspector, Justin Ibbotson, can provide you with the most accurate inspection services in Arkansas due to extensive prior experience. With in-depth knowledge of HVAC systems, our lead inspector is able to catch issues that others often overlook during the inspection process. With thorough inspections at competitive prices, we are happy to serve you. We have evening and weekend appointments available for your convenience. Call us today at 501-326-4980 for your free quote or to schedule an appointment!


Home Inspection Services

We offer comprehensive residential inspections throughout the state of Arkansas. Call 501-326-4980 to schedule your appointment.

Home inspection services include inspection of:
✅ Structural components, including foundation and framing
✅ Siding, finishing, and trim
✅ Attached or adjacent decks and balconies
✅ Surface drainage, retaining walls, and grading
✅ Adjacent or entryway walkways, patios, and driveways
✅ Roofing materials and flashing
✅ Skylights, fireplaces, flues, and chimneys
✅ Interior water supply and distribution systems
✅ Drainage and waste systems
✅ Water heating equipment and hot water supply system
✅ Fuel storage and fuel distribution systems
✅ Electrical service entrance conductors, cables, and raceway
✅ Electrical service equipment, main disconnects, service grounding, and ground fault circuit interruptors
✅ Interior components of service panels and sub panels 
✅ Installed heating equipment and vent systems
✅ Central air conditioning and through-wall equipment
✅ Air conditioning distribution systems
✅ Walls, ceilings, and floors
✅ Steps, stairways, and railings
✅ Countertops, cabinets, doors, windows, and garage doors
✅ Insulation and vapor retarders in unfinished spaces
✅ Ventilation of attics and foundation areas
✅ Mechanical ventilation systems

Types of Inspections

We offer many different types of inspections to meet your needs. 

1. Pre-Listing Inspections:
For those looking to put their home on the market to ensure a smooth transaction.

2. Pre-Purchase Inspections:
For those looking to buy a home to get an accurate picture of the entire home before buying.

3. Re-Inspections:
For those looking to ensure that any repairs done to the home were completed satisfactorily.

4. Eleventh Month Warranty Inspections:
For those who have a one year warranty scheduled to expire shortly in order to identify potential problems.

5. Construction Draw Inspections:
For those in the banking industry needing to verify the status of a project with an official report.

6. Pre-Remodeling Inspections:
For those needing to get an accurate depiction of the home before remodeling in order to avoid potential issues that could end up being costly.

Our Inspector

Justin Ibbotson (HI-2009) is our Lead Home Inspector at 1st Selection Home Inspection Co. His background includes a decade of prior training and experience in HVAC systems and construction. He is licensed and insured in the state of Arkansas and upholds the national standards of ethics. Justin currently resides in central Arkansas and is pleased to provide home inspection services in The Natural State.

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Common Questions

The Help Center

Welcome to the 1st Selection Home Inspection Co. Help Center. We’ve pulled together some of the most frequently asked questions from our clients and compiled them all here. We tried to include everything we could think of, but if you still have issues or concerns going forward, please get in touch and we'll do our best to help out.

What areas do you serve?

We proudly serve the state of Arkansas, including Pulaski, Saline, Garland, Lonoke, Grant and Faulkner counties.

What times do you offer appointments?

We aim to be flexible in meeting your needs. Appointments for home inspections can be set for after-hours and on weekends in addition to normal business hours. 

What are your business hours?

REGULAR BUSINESS HOURS: The main office is open for appointments, quotes, questions, and bookings from 8:00am-5:00pm Mon-Sat, 10:00am-5pm Sun. 
APPOINTMENTS FOR INSPECTIONS: Appointments are also routinely available outside normal business hours after the main office is closed. Please contact us at 501-326-4980 to secure a time for your home inspection as time slots tend to fill up quickly.

Do I have to be present during the inspection?

We encourage clients to be present during the inspection in case there are any questions, but it is not required. 




"Justin did a wonderful job inspecting a house for me," Stephanie


"When you are a first time home buyer you want someone prompt and able to answer any questions regarding your purchase. Justin was that for me and I couldn't ask for anyone better!" Drew


"Very thorough inspector. Explained everything to me and what I should get done. Very respectful and kind. I am going to reccomend them to everyone I know, " Matthew